Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Those Cherished Moments...
I thought of all the times we spent together

those moments which seemed to pass by like a gush of wind,
I sometimes wonder, are we going to meet again?
Are we going to spend our lives together not just as two
best friends but as two loving soul mates…?
I dread the day when we will part
the day that would take us away from each other,
you to a sumptuous environment and me to a fatigue land.
I shudder when I think of both of us miles apart and
that lonely sad heart.
Suddenly I feel my eyes brimming with tears
I try to jostle these thoughts but it increases my fears.
So today I need to tell you,
that I will always cherish
the moments spent with you till I perish
those times that I can never forget through my live ever,
would be treasured with me forever
good times we shared
for each other we cared.
Now, my tears stop as these thoughts my mind grope,
I realize that we are close to say adieu,
I'm going in my mind through fears that are new.
So please remember whenever you are tired or in despair,
I’ll always be there, I swear.
Through your ups and downs and thick and thin
I'll stand beside you and never let you chagrin.
So bye take care and never forget that I love you
and I know that somehow we'll get through this blue.
So we will part to meet again after living through this pain.......