Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Those Cherished Moments...
I thought of all the times we spent together

those moments which seemed to pass by like a gush of wind,
I sometimes wonder, are we going to meet again?
Are we going to spend our lives together not just as two
best friends but as two loving soul mates…?
I dread the day when we will part
the day that would take us away from each other,
you to a sumptuous environment and me to a fatigue land.
I shudder when I think of both of us miles apart and
that lonely sad heart.
Suddenly I feel my eyes brimming with tears
I try to jostle these thoughts but it increases my fears.
So today I need to tell you,
that I will always cherish
the moments spent with you till I perish
those times that I can never forget through my live ever,
would be treasured with me forever
good times we shared
for each other we cared.
Now, my tears stop as these thoughts my mind grope,
I realize that we are close to say adieu,
I'm going in my mind through fears that are new.
So please remember whenever you are tired or in despair,
I’ll always be there, I swear.
Through your ups and downs and thick and thin
I'll stand beside you and never let you chagrin.
So bye take care and never forget that I love you
and I know that somehow we'll get through this blue.
So we will part to meet again after living through this pain.......
You are the explosive celebrations of my sunbursts every morning,

You are the whisper in my late late nights,
You are the symphony in my sunsets,
You are the splendor & the glory of the dawning of my life
You are the spark of happiness & enlightenment in my eyes.
You are the ornament that makes me feel beautiful and complete,
And suddenly I wonder how the music of my life would've
been without your beat in it....?
What an incomplete my body would've been without your soul n heart in it.
And as all these questions are going through my mind, I feel a cool breeze
touch me like your hands and I get my answer to all the questions…
So thank you for coming in my life &
mesmerizing it with your brightly coloured flowers
of love & mingle it with your ever lasting care!
You have given me a life, a rebirth & a renaissance,
so I want nothing, just all my life your presence.
Today I sit here alone

remembering you and your lovely tone
gone are all the moments,
here is our relationship without any dents
I ask my mind, how did time move so quickly...???
I sit in my room missing you terribly.
thinking of everything from your head to toe,
and then remembering how on seeing you I used to glow.
Gone are the days when we were together
on every single occasion, even with the change of the weather.
I think of the days when we were just friends
so, different we were and changing with the trends
then came the time when we felt something odd
hoping it was not what I thought, I prayed to god!!!
My fears proved to be stupid,
when struck his arrow on my heart, The Cupid.
I knew I was in love for sure
not knowing there was something more.
Then came the day when I thought
I have to tell you what I wanted to sought.
I tried to tell you but to no avail
as I thought your mood wasn't very gail
and suddenly before I could say,
you said those words in such a lovely way.
I thought I was dreaming
so I pinched myself and realized I wasn't sleeping!!
From that moment on my life changed
so much of love from you I gained.
You protected me and were a safeguard to me
From all the odds you set me free
and filled my heart with a pure glee.
From then, my heart was filled with love so profound,
I knew I was very lucky to have you found.
I’m lost in your thoughts,
And I’m forced back into reality to fight with life full of shots.
soon u r going far away...
so maybe I won’t get a chance to say
I Love You, and I can’t live without you
actually the bittersweet truth is that I can live without you but I don’t want to
but alas, there is no choice as we can’t our aims woo.
so, here I’m ready to face you for the last time perhaps,
before a long time and so many uneasy gaps.
So go my love and fly high
And work very hard to touch the sky,
make everyone around you proud
and enjoy life without any bound
and when you feel lonely and sad
never forget to remember me and the way I make you mad,
I'll always be there for u…
till the end of your life
I’ll stand by you forever,(as your wife)
So please never forget me
and try not to hate me
as I’m saying the final goodbye,
and trying my best not to cry
till u achieve your dreams
I’ll be waiting 4 u...
till then goodbye~!!!