Tuesday, May 3, 2011

You are the explosive celebrations of my sunbursts every morning,

You are the whisper in my late late nights,
You are the symphony in my sunsets,
You are the splendor & the glory of the dawning of my life
You are the spark of happiness & enlightenment in my eyes.
You are the ornament that makes me feel beautiful and complete,
And suddenly I wonder how the music of my life would've
been without your beat in it....?
What an incomplete my body would've been without your soul n heart in it.
And as all these questions are going through my mind, I feel a cool breeze
touch me like your hands and I get my answer to all the questions…
So thank you for coming in my life &
mesmerizing it with your brightly coloured flowers
of love & mingle it with your ever lasting care!
You have given me a life, a rebirth & a renaissance,
so I want nothing, just all my life your presence.

1 comment:

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